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smart city


Main cities across the world will soon face one
of the major changes in the human history

What do we do?

We lead asset and urban transformation projects.
We observe, innovate, anticipate and we integrate


There is a significant change ahead of us
that will deeply impact main cities across
the world, and we want to be prepared

What do we do?

We offer a holistic approach to our clients (owners & investors) advising them to optimize their assets in an urban environment. We are committed to the cities and their habitants.


We are curious. We investigate and analyse our environment to offer the best solution


We are creative. We create concepts for people that will prove a new life to real estate portfolios


We are visionaries. We stay ahead of changes to take advantages of the opportunities


We are specialist on thinking for the people. Our projects melt with their environment


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Who we are

Commuty was founded in mid 2018 combining an expertise of asset and project management
providing an holistic approach for asset transformation projects. Commuty’s objective is to provide a new life to the real estate portfolio so that is prepared to the future urban changes ahead of us.

Real Estate Sector is experiencing a seismic shift in its centre of gravity. There’s a transition from real estate as a financial asset, to real estate as a service. The sector is no longer focused on the building, location or economic ratios but on the client.

We work for people. We offer a holistic approach to our clients (owners & investors) advising
them to optimize their assets in an urban environment. We are committed to the cities and
their habitants.


MsC Industrial Engineering
Major in Structures
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

BAch. Architecture
École Nationale d’Architecture Paris Malaquais

+2 years Experience in the Real Estate Sector advising investment funds on asset transformation. Managed several projects of co-working and co-living transformation providing innovation to real estate portfolios. Previous experience on structural and facade engineering

Architect & Head of design

PhD Architecture
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

MS Advanced Architectural Projects
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

+5 years Experience in housing and social developments. Guided by two main axes: design projects through innovative technique and creativity, and teaching and research of new social, political, and environmental tendencies.


This is what
drives us

What we are

Commuty is a neologism created by the words “Community” and “mutate”. Two concepts that are omnipresent in our projects. Commuty represents a mutation of the real estate assets that need to be adapted
to their community environment.

We believe that main cities across the world will soon face one of the major changes in the human history. Digital transformation is already changing the way work and this will have a strong impact on our living and enjoying habits. New strategies are needed to change the complex foundations of the sector and stay relevant in this fast-shifting new real estate environment. Cities will suffer significant densification process and real estate assets need to be optimized to accommodate new habitants.

People will no longer live where they have to, but where they want to. A more flexible way of residences and offices are needed to supply the growing demand of demographic movements. The usage of the building will become more important as well as its capacity to convince new residents to come. Human beings are social by nature and, in a digital world, the value of a community is growing faster than ever.

Most of the city residents want to live in a neighbourhood well connect-ed and fully equipped with services. However, the economic situation starts movements of people towards the less centralized suburbs. We believe in a  positive gentrification process where we manage to build better assets by recycling existing ones so that they provide a better services to their users.


Smart - We are creative.

We are creative, we want to find the best solution for our clients and for the surround-ings in each of our projects. We design and create spaces for people, providing a new life to the real estate portfolio. Transformation is our main task. We bring all of our creativity and knowledge to find the best way to adapt ourselves to our environment and mutate to our most optimized form. This allows us to maximize the benefit and performance of the real estate assets

Urban - We are a community.

We think plural and holistically. We observe the necessities and demands in the interven-tion area and we integrate ourselves with the environment We are curious, we investigate and analyze our environment to offer the best solution. Together we can make great things. Our function is to act as a catalyst so that change happen. Working with and for the people on each of our projects.

Changers - We are non-stop thinkers.

The world is changing and so it does the way to live, work and enjoy. The time has come to change the rules and find a better solution to optimize our urban assets. We are vision-aries. We anticipate changes to benefit the opportunities. Our visionary character leads us to see the present in a different way to identify the future opportunities. This allows us to advice our clients to invest and develop their projects.


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